The Artful Room is situated in Nightcliff and provides weekly after school art workshops for children from 5 to 18, as well as the occasional adult classes. Most of these workshops are conducted by local artist Carla Russo who is also has a bachelor of Education and over 15 years of experience in education. Her passion for visual arts and desire to see others grow in their creativity is the driving force behind ‘The Artful Room’.

Why provide art workshops for kids? 

Carla noticed that there wasn’t enough opportunities for children to participate in weekly art clubs/ workshops outside of a scchool context. Children have the opportunity to play a variety of sport, do performing arts and music but there wasn’t a place that enabled them to grow in the visual arts and crafts on a consistent basis. The Artful Room strives to provide such a space. Another reason for the Artful Room is the realisation that the school curriculum is so overloaded and unfortunately often visual arts is one of the things which gets pushed aside to make room for other things. Visual arts is so important for children’s growth, providing them with chances for them to develop fine motor skills, cultural and self awareness, an ability to problem solve, and to connect with others.  Not only does The Artful Room seek to encourage creativity in children of all ages but in adults also. We have a number of adult workshops and visiting artists who provide specialised instruction. We also provide a “bring your own work” session which encourages adults to make time to work on their own projects in a supportive environment.  We are also available for professional development for primary school teachers and can tailor our workshops to desired outcomes. 

We are so excited about The Artful Room and this new arty adventure